Zeynep Saygin, Ph.D.
P.I., Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., Systems Neuroscience, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
B.Sc., Neuroscience, Brown University
Email: saygin dot 3 at osu dot edu

Maggie Beard, Ph.D.
Senior Research Assistant
Ph.D., School Psychology, The Ohio State University
B.Sc., Speech and Hearing Sciences, The Ohio State University
Bio: My research interests focus on reading and language difficulties, educational disabilities assessment, psychometric measurement, and special education policy and reform. Previously, my research has examined the genetic and environmental influences on children's reading, math, language, cognitive, and social-emotional development through the assessment of twin pairs.  I have worked on a collaborative study with OSU and Nationwide Children's Hospital examining language impairment in multi-generational family pedigrees.
Email: beard dot 164 at osu dot edu 

Arman Bordbar
Lab Manager
M.S., Neuroscience, University of Trento, Italy
Bio: From computer engineering to cognitive neuroscience with a stop at psychology. I am passionate about cognition and neural networks. My goal is to collaborate in the discovery of quantitative screening and predictive MRI methods for neurocognitive disorders.
Email: bordbar dot 3 at osu dot edu 

Heather Hansen
Graduate Student
M.A., Psychology, The Ohio State University
B.S., Psychobiology, UCLA
Bio: I am interested in attention and cognitive control, specifically how we focus on relevant stimuli and ignore irrelevant stimuli. I am particularly interested in studying individuals with Misophonia, a condition characterized by over-sensitivity and increased attention to certain environmental noises. I am working with Dr. Saygin to explore this condition from a neuroimaging standpoint, such as through connectivity patterns, structural differences, and developmental origins.
Email: hansen dot 508 at osu dot edu 

Athena Lee Howell
Graduate Student
B.S., Neuroscience, Brigham Young University
Bio: I am interested in the nature and development of infant episodic memory. Episodic memory in adults is well documented and dependent on the hippocampus, yet neonates are born with an immature hippocampus that doesn’t fully develop until 3-5 years of age. How, then, are episodic memories formed during infancy? Does the hippocampus play a role in memory formation? Are early memories formed in the neocortex instead? How is the mechanism similar to or different from adult memory formation? Using neuroimaging technologies such as fMRI and fNIRS in conjunction with behavioral measures, I hope to address these questions and shed more light on the nature of infant memory.
Email: howell dot 551 at osu dot edu 

Jin Li
Graduate Student
M.S., Cognitive Neuroscience, Beijing Normal University
Bio: I am interested in the large-scale organization of the human cortex: why human brain patterns in this particular way (highly functional specialize modules) and how this develops. I am working with Dr. Saygin to explore whether adult-like architectures already in neonates’ brains? If so how they ‘shaped’ or ‘modified’ by environment and experience? Whether different functional modules interact in different ways throughout the development? I also very looking forward to linking underlying structures in the early stages to the cognition like high-level vision, language, etc.
Email: li dot 9361 at osu dot edu 

Carver Nabb
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Psychology Major, Ohio State
Bio: I am a fourth-year psychology student hoping to attend graduate school in the coming years to further study the field. With neuroscience being one of the fastest growing domains of science today, I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Saygin and the rest of the team to not only expand my own knowledge of neuroscience, but the general public's as well.
Email: nabb dot 2 at osu dot edu

Justin Flanagan
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Neuroscience Major, Ohio State
Bio: As a third year undergraduate student here at Ohio State, I am well on my way to earning a degree in cognitive and computational neuroscience with a minor in philosophy. I hope to achieve a graduate degree in neuroscience as well, and I am predominantly interested in how developmental changes in the brain are related to mental disorders such as depression and schizophrenia. Development is a key aspect of Dr. Saygin’s research, and I hope to continue building my knowledge on the subject as a research assistant in her lab.
Email: flanagan dot 196 at osu dot edu

Lilly Lin
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Neuroscience Major, Ohio State
Bio: I am a third-year Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience major with a Psychology minor here at Ohio State, and am hoping to go to Nursing graduate school to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I am interested in mental illness after interning for a clinical psychology office for a year, and wanted to use neuroimaging to further research the developments of such disorders. Bilingualism is another interest of mine, where I am curious of how the use of different language systems affects cognitive brain development. 
Email: lin dot 2693 at osu dot edu

Yasemin Gokcen
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Neuroscience Major, Ohio State
Bio: I am a second year neuroscience major who hopes to go to grad school in pursuit of exploring the field as it grows with new technology. Currently, I am interested in neuroimaging and finding differences in both function and structure between neurotypical people and those with mental illnesses.
Email: gokcen dot 4 at osu dot edu


Amanie Rasul
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Psychology Major, Ohio State
Bio: I am an undergraduate and am working to earn a degree in Psychology. I am interested in mental illness and how it effects the brain. It is also fascinating to study how it can be predicted early in brain development. I am looking forward to working in the Z-Lab and gaining experience with fMRI and research. My goal is to become a psychiatrist and to continue in the field of the brain.
Email: rasul dot 29 at osu dot edu


Micah Rhodes
Lab Manager
B.A., Psychology, DePauw University

Eshwar Madishetti
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Neuroscience Major, Ohio State